Warning: Cold Calls from Exhibition Housing Management (EHM) and Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS)


Confident salesman pointingUnfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies contacting our past attendees, claiming to represent Affiliate Summit (and/or leaving out important information so that it’s not clear that they do not represent Affiliate Summit), offering “assistance” with exhibitor registration and hotel bookings.

Two such companies that are aggressively cold-calling and spamming companies whose names have appeared on our “attending company”, “speaker” and “exhibitor and sponsor” pages are Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM / ehmtravel.com) and Exhibition Housing (EHS / ehshousing.com).

To be clear, these companies and others are NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH AFFILIATE SUMMIT INC. and are not authorized to use our name or trademark in any solicitations.

Affiliate Summit is working through the proper channels to stop the deceptive practices of these companies and apologize for their annoying behavior.

Please be aware of the following known scams which we’ve heard about over the last couple of weeks:

  • No one should contact you directly to book your hotel room or offer you a “special discounted conference rate” or “can save you $30.00 off your room rate”. If you receive one of these calls or emails, it is a scam. They are not affiliates with Affiliate Summit Inc.
  • If you receive an email from documents@rightsignature.com with the subject line “Reservations Team has sent you the document Contract_For_Hotel_Reservation_Services.pdf to sign,” please
    ignore this message. This company is not affiliated with Affiliate Summit Inc., and it is a scam.
  • If you receive a phone call from someone wanting to speak to the “tradeshow coordinator or the person who is handling Affiliate Summit West that your company is attending in January”, it is a scam and they are not affiliated with Affiliate Summit Inc.
  • If someone emails you claiming to be from Affiliate Summit’s Exhibitor Department, and the email is not from an affiliatesummit.com email address, do not share any information with them. The company is not affiliated with Affiliate Summit, and it is a scam.

You may be saying… Missy, why wouldn’t I want to save $30.00 per night at the hotel?

Listen, if any company can offer you:

…. who am to stop you. You should do what is right for you.

Thank you to all of attendees who have alerted us to this matter and sent in the information we needed to take legal action and help prevent other attendees from getting scammed.