Oliver Kenyon


Hello, I’m Oliver, a 30 year old fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur and business owner. At the age of 25 I quit my full time job as a chef to pursue my dream of creating my own successful businesses and becoming my own boss. When I quit my job I had very little money to my name, I set myself one goal; to become a millionaire before my 30th birthday. I wrote my one goal down and only told my business partner and close friend Andy and my partner Josie. I started as an affiliate and transitioned into a business owner and co-founder of several successful online companies. At the age of 29 I reached my goal by selling my affiliate marketing company affiliatefix.com in a seven figure exit deal. My mission and focus now is to establish myself in the online entrepreneurial and start up space and to grow a group of like minded entrepreneurs that believe in working smart and creating their own success.