Marcus Taylor


Marcus started building websites at age 10 and, by age 25, had bootstrapped a multi-million-pound portfolio of online businesses with zero funding. Like most teenagers, Marcus didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. He did know he loved music, so he DJ’d on weekends, converted his mum’s care-home into a recording studio when it was empty, and taught himself to code websites for bands. Unknown to him at the time, these side-hustles gave Marcus a taste of entrepreneurship that would turn out to be invaluable. Instead of going to university, Marcus spent his late teenage years working at an Oxford-based digital marketing agency where he shadowed and was mentored by one of the UK’s most respected search marketers, Kevin Gibbons. Marcus founded Venture Harbour in 2012 after one of the websites he built took off. Since then, Marcus and his team have built nine ventures that run on autopilot and are 100% funded by the best type of investor there is: paying customers. Marcus is now on a mission to grow Venture Harbour, helping millions of entrepreneurs and marketers in the process, while creating one of the best places to work for tech and marketing talent in the UK.