Popular Presentations at ASEuro18


Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 had a jam-packed agenda, so we have decided to highlight the most popular presentations for those of you who could not attend all of the sessions. 

The sessions included panels, presentations, a pechu kucha; all with much discussion and debate. 

  1. Pecha Kucha Session: 20 Unconventional Affiliate Strategies

    Marcus Taylor, CEO & Founder of Venture Harbour shared 20 lessons and strategies on how that have enabled Venture Harbour to become one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of affiliate websites.

    You can view the slides from Marcus’ presentation here

  2. Opening Presentation: What do we mean when we talk about influence?

    Helen Southgate, Managing Director of Acceleration Partners in the UK discussed Influencer Marketing and affiliate models. to download the slides from Helen’s presentation. 

    Click here to download the slides from Helen’s presentation. 

  3. Best Practice Session: How Crawl Data Can Help your Affiliate Day to Day Life
    Hosted by Rachel Costello, Technical SEO at Deepcrawl

    In this practice session, Rachel explored the true value of crawl data and explained how it can help you stay on top of your e commerce site health, enhance the user journey and drive revenue.

    View the slides from Rachel’s presentation here

  4. How to Build Million Dollar Assets around Affiliate Marketing

    Oliver Kenyon, Director, pagesource Ltd looked at affiliate success stories and how to face common problems faced by affiliate marketers.

    Click here to view the slides from Oliver’s presentation. 


To download all of the presentations, visit the Affiliate Summit Slide Share page here