Women Speakers at Affiliate Summit

I was reading a guest blog post by Cathy Brooks (Gauntlet Toss or Clarion Call: Women, it’s time to step up) on Brian Solis’ PR2.0 blog, and it got me thinking about the speakers at Affiliate Summit.

This post was sort of a challenge for more women to submit speaker proposals to conferences.

In reviewing the proposals we received for Affiliate Summit East 2009, 21% of the proposals were submitted by women. The percentage of women speakers at ASE09 was a little higher than the percent of proposals by women.

Stephanie Agresta and Sarah Austin at Affiliate Summit East 2009

The way speakers are chosen for Affiliate Summit is that the proposals are voted on by the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board. The proposals that get the most positive votes are selected for the conference.

Anyhow, speaking proposals for Affiliate Summit West 2010, taking place January 17-19, 2010 in Las Vegas, are now being accepted.

The submission deadline is October 2, 2009.

Facebook panel at Affiliate Summit East 2009

Accepted speakers will be notified no later than October 16, 2009. Due to the volume of submissions, we will not notify applicants if they have not been accepted. Therefore, if you have not been contacted by October 16, 2009, your proposal was not accepted.

Submit your speaking proposal at http://affiliatesummit.com/10w-speakers/.

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