What People are Saying about Affiliate Summit

There are many reasons to attend Affiliate Summit, including the access to thousands of affiliate marketers, and learning from successful people in affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and more.

Affiliate SummitSo, if you haven’t already registered for the next Affiliate Summit, we thought we’d share the opinions of a handful of our past attendees.

Here are just 27 reasons why people keep coming back to Affiliate Summit.

“The Meet Market was definitely the most successful event of its kind I have been involved in. We met a lot of excellent potential partners in a short time, and the small booth space enabled everyone to cover a lot of ground.” – Dan Gladwell, All Web Leads, Affiliate Manager

“This is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The energy of the group is inspiring and contagious. This is one of the most organized events – all of the details being covered makes it even more enjoyable to attend!” – Shannon Vogel, The Be-Scene, Owner

“Great Way to get connected with other networks and affiliates from around the world.” – Jason Poore, THN Enterprises LLC, CEO

“As a newcomer to Affiliate Summit, I really appreciated that the speakers didn’t speak down to their audience, but rather invited their audience to participate and interact with them.” – Merianna Neely, Merianna.net, Teacher

“This was one of the most informative and best organized events I have ever attended. I’ve never seen more people focused on the same thing. Making money!” – Barry Brenner, Business Services For U, Inc., VP Marketing

“This was my first Affiliate Summit. The Gold Rush is alive and well! It’s now called online marketing. Attending Affiliate Summit was like going to the Super Bowl, except you get to play in this Super Bowl. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful even when they weren’t a fit for our program, they would steer you to someone who was. There seemed to be opportunity in every conversation I had.” – Tony Fiorillo, Asset Management Strategies, Inc., President/CEO

“My favorite thing about the conference was meeting new people and networking. It was great to finally meet people in person and put a face to an email address.” – Anna Zagozda, ShoeMoney Media Group INC, Director of Business Development

“Venue was terrific. Attendance was exceptional & created a very productive environment. We were so pleased with our experience that we will plan to be an exhibitor at Affiliate Summit East.” – John Gaudelli, DollarDays.com, Business Development Manager

“It was my first Affiliate Summit. I thought it was great! I meet a lot of people and made some great connections. I think the mindshare at these events are very important. I will definitely be at the next Summit in NYC.” – Tabitha Rivera, Ve Interactive, Partner Development

This was my first Affiliate Summit and boy was I impressed! I was absolutely thrilled to meet all of the industry professionals whose blogs and podcasts I’ve followed for years such as Shawn Collins and Lisa Picarelli, Vinny O’Hare, Daniel M. Clark. I thought the accessibility was excellent – all the speakers and industry pros were happy to chat, give advice, and network. I was especially grateful for your Affiliate Summit Newcomers’ Program – I learned quite a bit from my volunteer, Chuck Hamrick and especially benefited from the newcomers’ social Sunday night. Since ASW12, I’ve kept in touch with many of the folks I networked with and have received ample correspondence from vendors, merchants, and networks regarding many potential business opportunities. ASW12 was a complete success for me!” – Richard Hauben, Baseops Network, CEO

“I made it my mission to meet the right people in our industry and I met them at Affiliate Summit, so if anyone takes this business as their own seriously I strongly recommend they attend.” – Richard Lobraico, livnlife, CEO

“Great show as usual… lots of business by exhibiting on floor and great traffic!” – Raul Diaz, SpaFinder, Director of Affiliate Sales

“I’m glad we signed up for the Newcomers Program, it was a great experience! The staff was very helpful. The venue was amazing. Lots of great sessions. Really enjoyed it all!” – Suzanne Rosenberry, QualitySmith, Affiliate Marketing Manager

“I loved Affiliate Summit West, it was great all around, lots of great opportunities.” – Bryan Knowlton, Your Boss Blows, affiliate, owner, producer

“Location was nice and better than the RIO in 2010. I attended the seminars this time around and thought that they were well worth the money. The networking alone is priceless.” – Russell Buelna

“I enjoyed the show. From our standpoint the Networking was great. The only negatives could also be positives depending on the lens you look through. Very crowded and loud in and out of the exhibit area. Like I said, depends on the lens.” – Stuart Butler, SmarterChaos.com, Rainmaker/Cofounder

“Love Affiliate Karaoke, Meet Market is great, the tables behind the Meet Market tables were a very good addition. I like having more places to talk to people, because you never know what opportunity is waiting for you. Caesers was a very nice location, better than some of the other Las Vegas venues.” – Deborah Carney, Team Loxly/NightFire Publications, Owner

“This was my first Affiliate Summit. It was a little overwhelming, but I especially found the exhibit hall to be valuable. ShareASale in particular did a great job of communicating what they do and how I as an affiliate can improve. I attended several sessions. Two were especially helpful. James Martell did a great job of painting an overview of the affiliate business, and what it takes to get traction. Vinny O’Hare did a good job of showing us ways to improve our sites. As a fairly new affiliate, I found both of these sessions to be full of helpful information. I also like how Affiliate Summit is not so crammed full of sessions that you don’t have time to network. And finally, I appreciate how everyone was so friendly and helpful, even though I’m just getting started.” – Stan Horst, BetterBenches, Owner

“Good venue, friendly people, sessions were good, food was good, good town. I liked Vegas as a choice and piggey backing on CES. Made it perfect for doing business and attracted more folks specific to my niche.” – Matthew T Reese, CrossLoop, VP of Business Development

“I LOVED everything about ASW 2012.” – Rob Merlino, The Hot Dog Truck, Blogger, hot dogger, entrepreneur, raconteur

“Great show. One of the best I’ve been to.” – Jeffrey Roach, Powered Up Digital Management, LLC, President

“Best one yet. Great venue with plenty of room in the exhibit hall. Nothing to fix.” – Bill Swartwout, 12PM.com High Noon Performance Zmarketing, President

“Everything was great! Full of people and business opportunities! Nothing bad to say!” – Agustin Gau, SOICOS, Co-Founder & Director

“It’s amazing, we are so thankful to have this opportunity.” – Steve Monti, SiteScout Inc, Director of Sales

“Great for developing new business.” – Greg Wasik, InterG Media, Owner

“The VP from AWeber was awesome. After hearing on Day One about the importance of email lists and its value, then hearing his insight, brought everything together. I had been focusing on links and ads but it’s that email list that is the cash cow, thanks!” – Brent Call, Felonypixel, Owner

“Thought it was incredibly well-run.” – Lisa Picarille, LisaPicarille.com, Founder

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