Valentina Piol

Valentina Piol (31) is since 2015 Head of Affiliate Marketing at metapeople in Germany. metapeople belongs to NetBooster, a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing. Since 2012 she has been Account Manager for Affiliate Programs of several advertisers of metapeople, especially in the travel sector. She e.g. setup and managed the international rollout of Lufthansa’s’ Affiliate Program across 39 markets. Now she focusses herself among others to the strategic consultancy of their 20+ advertisers. Valentina is truly European. Originally Italian she grew up in Germany where she currently lives, undertook however her studies in the Netherlands (Bachelor of Business administration) as well as England (Master of Science in Business and Management) and had internships in Spain. After her studies she first started as product manager and purchaser before finally dedicating herself to online marketing.