Tie Davidson


Tie Davidson is a 12-year industry veteran in the digital advertising space. He began his career in 2005, working with a popular online gaming site – Vendare Media (formerly known as Jackpot.com), as a media buyer and seller on their Affiliate Relations team. His explosive success propelled him into other high-ranking roles at various companies in the industry; which included Sr. Director of Affiliate Partnerships with AdCommunal & VP of Publisher Development at enCircle Media (presently operating as US Interactive). Tie also owned & operated a private network known as Blue Zen Media, LLC., where he managed the needs of traditional clients wanting to transition into online & mobile media. Over the years, Tie has become regarded as a well-known name & face at shows such as Adtech & Affiliate Summit. He has skillfully cultivated his years of business expertise, sales management, and long-term partnerships to help build a successful Affiliate & Channel Sales network at Tapjoy.