Mariam Barnes

Digital advertising executive turned entrepreneur – In 2010 Mariam co-founded Level54 which started off a team of two people, and grew into a larger team that filled roles at some of the best digital start-ups as well as some of the largest well known digital brands including Amazon and Disney. After a great run with Level54, Mariam took some time off to focus on building a family. In 2015 She had twins, which ultimately resulted in the birth of Mariams next project, a content site and ecommerce store: In 2016 Mariam discovered a way to tie in all of her experience into one exciting venture. She co-founded, which is a job board specific for people digital marketing . Her goal in starting is to save job seekers, and hiring manager’s hours of searching by having them meet in one place. Mariam has become well known for connecting great people to great opportunities.