Ignacio Pronzati

I’m Ignacio Pronzati, an Argentinian professional with 10 years of experience in the field. I had the luck to start my professional life working for the Spanish Advertising group – Antevenio, back then when the performance, and affiliate marketing were unknown in the region. For three years I’ve been learning from this amazing company, getting in touch with a lot of advertisers and publishers of many kinds, and getting involved in this great business. Now a days after 6 years and a half of service, I’m Soicos’ Director. An 8 year old Argentinian affiliate network, with offices in Mexico, Argentina (HQ), Peru, Chile and Colombia and presence along the the whole region. In this years of dedicated work in the online world, I surfed most of the major challenges of the business, and grew up as a professional with the latin american affiliate marketing itself.