Daniel M. Clark

Daniel M. Clark, Chief Technology Officer of Apogee, has been a part of the affiliate marketing industry since 2005. Daniel works with Apogee clients to optimize datafeeds and product catalogs; he also provides tracking code installation and upgrade instruction. He administers the Apogee web server and maintains agency databases. Challenges with a technological solution fall under Daniel’s purview. Affiliate Summit East 2016 is Daniel’s eighth engagement as a speaker. He has also had the honor of being the Emcee for Affiliate Summit East 2012, and has volunteered his time as the Newcomer Program Coordinator over the years. Daniel and his wife, Angela, raise two kids in the Houston suburbs. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, exploring modernist cooking techniques, and counting down the days to the next Star Wars movie. He is working on a trilogy of fantasy/sci-fi novels, which will be completed any day now—depending on one’s definitions of “working on” and “any day now”.