Track B: Measurement & Attribution (Session 1)

Moderated by Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy, Europe, CJ Affiliate by Conversant

10:00 – Customer or Transaction – What’s at the centre of your measurement?
– We’ve started measuring affiliate impact by customer rather than transaction – explain the methodology
– Affiliate is better than you think – sharing some lifetime value data, new customer data and offline impact data
– Data is useless without action – a few example of how you can work with this measurement to build strategies and change results
-Why there’s more to be gained through collaboration than lost in competition
Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy, Europe, CJ Affiliate by Conversant

10:15 – What to Look at in the Customer Buying Path
– How can you upsell by better understanding your customers’ buying patterns?
– How do you put in better voucher codes?
Peter Dickenson, Founder & MD, Understand Digital

10:35 – Advanced Metrics & Data for the Performance Channel
– Next generation data that affiliate marketers can use to help justify the value of the channel
-Emphasis on data often missing from traditional affiliate networks
– What types of data can brands leverage to take their affiliate marketing to the next level
Todd Crawford, VP Strategic Initiatives, Impact Radius

10:55 – 5 Ways to have control of the traffic sent by meta networks
– Why are Meta networks important to deliver transperancy in the affiliate industry?
– How can Meta networks assure that the traffic is compliant with the merchants terms?
– How can you promote knowledge interchange in the industry?
Susana Laurentino, Head of Advertiser Development, YieldKit GmbH

11:15 – How adidas is Approaching Attribution for the Affiliate Channel
– Focus on the entire customer journey instead of the affiliate channel on its own
– Move away from last click attribution
– Reward every affiliate based on its historical performance
Jelle Oskam, Co-founder & Partner, Odyssey
Mathies Overtoom,
Global Manager Affiliates, adidas