Track A: Where Is The Innovation? (Session 1)

9:30 – Pecha Kucha session: 20 Unconventional affiliate strategies
From building AI chatbots to using quiz-like lead forms, Marcus will share 20 lessons & strategies that have enabled Venture Harbour to become one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of affiliate websites.
Marcus Taylor, CEO & Founder, Venture Harbour

9:50 – How to Build Million Dollar Assets around Affiliate Marketing
– What are the common problems faced by affiliate marketers?
– Why are affiliates good owners and business managers?
– Hear examples success stories of affiliates who have innovated and now turned into business and asset owners.
Oliver Kenyon, Director, pagesource Ltd

10:30 – Group discussion: Who is the ideas person in this relationship?
– Should innovation come from networks, brands or 3rd parties?
– Is there a disconnect between the small person with the idea and the networks?
– Who buys innovation? Are you pitching to the right person?
Marcus Taylor, CEO & Founder, Venture Harbour
Andrew Banks,
Head of E-Commerce, Matalan