Lance Bachmann

Founder and president of, Lance Bachmann knew exactly what it took to start one of the most prestigious digital marketing agency’s in the industry. From his early days his ambition, respect and knowledge of the business world are what catapulted him to form what we now know as Back in 2009, President Bachmann had a vision to provide businesses with SEO, PPC, social media, analytics, and much more for a full service Internet marketing strategy for both local to Fortune 500 organizations. Prior to the establishment of, Lance founded, a division of AT&T, becoming their first employee. He did not let his ambition and dedication get in the way of anything and was responsible for taking the organization from $0 to $157 million in revenue. What it boils down to for Lance is that he enjoys everything about his work and what he does, it is his passion and what he loves to do. He takes pride in providing clients with successful marketing campaigns.