Jared Saunders

Jared Saunders (aka TurboJared) has been in the Affiliate Marketing world since 2007. In 2009 he was awarded as ShareASale’s Exceptional Affiliate Program Manager. He developed and managed Jenson USA’s program successfully placing it consistently in the top 50 programs on ShareASale. He’s also successfully launched programs on Avantlink. In 2009 Jared began OPM work and has directly managed a dozen programs and has supplied analytics and marketing insight for over 30 individual programs. In this role he is tasked with managing affiliate marketing programs, building and maintaining relationships with their affiliate partners, growing familiarity of the brand, collaborating with vendors on marketing strategies, finding new ways to let customers interact with them, and participating on their Affiliate Training team. Outside of work, Jared is a devoted husband, father of 4, avid cyclist, and Battletch / Mechwarrior enthusiast.