Full Day SEO Training Course

Rae Hoffman-DolanFor the first time ever, Affiliate Summit will be hosting a full day SEO training course led by career affiliate and well known SEO, Rae “Sugarrae” Hoffman-Dolan on Saturday, August 20, 2011 in New York City.

This is the day before Affiliate Summit East 2011, and both the SEO course and Affiliate Summit will be at the Hilton New York.

In this course, you’ll not only learn the needed basics of a good search engine optimization campaign, but you’ll learn how to face more affiliate specific SEO challenges by someone who has made a career out of being in the affiliate SEO trenches.

Learn how to avoid duplicate issues often caused by creating websites using affiliate datafeeds and how to gather and implement “value-add” content to your affiliate website – without hiring a full time staff of writers. Find out how to develop high quality links that act as the fuel to advancing your search engine rankings.

From general SEO instruction to looking at common “affiliate site” problems (and solutions) to viewing case studies of actual affiliate websites created from the ground up by your instructor that currently receive millions of page views per month, you’ll learn how to more effectively, and profitably, market your affiliate sites (or datafeed driven merchant sites) through organic search engine optimization.

What you’ll learn by attending this course:

  • Basic on-site SEO and site architecture
  • Creation and implementation of “value-add” content search engines love
  • Overcoming common SEO issues created by datafeed driven websites
  • How to leverage social media to help your SEO efforts
  • How to do keyword research and the difference between traffic and conversion keywords
  • Why link development matters and how to build quality links for an affiliate website
  • How to develop affiliate brands search engines want to rank
  • Tracking affiliate SEO efforts

A note from the course instructor:

“I’ve been doing affiliate marketing – very successfully – through 100% organic SEO for over a decade now. And I’ll do my best to ensure you learn how to better your organic SEO efforts for your affiliate (or merchant datafeed) website. The above tells you what you will get from attending the training course, but I’d also like to mention what you won’t get:

  • Sales pitches – I have nothing to sell you. I’m an affiliate.
  • Swag – I’m here to teach you, not clothe you. The awesome Affiliate Summit East expo hall will handle that.
  • Theory – You won’t be hearing any untested theory or tactics that have worked for “big brand websites” that I simply assume will work for affiliates. All of the SEO information I am going to teach in this workshop has actually been implemented on my own affiliate sites – with repeated success.

I’m known for being a straight shooter and I want to make sure you have the proper expectations. If you’re looking to be “wowed” with free pens and T-shirts, you might be disappointed. If you want to learn search engine optimization for your affiliate websites and increase your SEO traffic and revenue, then you’re in the right place.

Register now – space is limited.