Deborah Carney

Deborah Carney is founder of Team Loxly Outsourced Affiliate Management & Consulting. She is also the host of the popular ABC series of podcasts, which include AffiliateABCs, BloggingABCs, MerchantABCs, BookGoodies & Work at Home Moms & Dads. Deborah, along with her many co-hosts, has been interviewing successful work at home parents & has amassed a great deal of tips & tricks to help others. A successful Outsourced Program Manager, past in-house affiliate manager & consultant for many networks & companies, Deborah’s experiences have brought her to a point to start sharing new information with affiliates to help them repurpose their content into books that teach or entertain & generate new traffic for their sites. Deborah founded where writers can connect with readers & learn to create successful books plus market those books. This successful community is growing rapidly to enable authors to collaborate, brainstorm & grow their audience.