Darin Carter


Darin Carter has been in the Internet marketing industry for over 14 years, specializing in search marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management. In 1999, Darin became the 1st affiliate manager for onResponse, one of the first affiliate networks ever. He handled over 100 affiliates that were responsible for over $250,000 in revenue per month. In 2006, he became the Marketing Director for Baby Universe, Inc., where he took the company from $16 million in revenue a year to $32 million. That same year, Darin started his own personal blog on search marketing. Since 2008, his blog currently holds a first page position for the keyword “search marketing.” Darin currently serves as Vice President of Search Marking for BMI Ventures, Inc., a full-service digital advertising agency that leads the industry in performance-based marketing initiatives.