Daniel M. Clark to Emcee Affiliate Summit East 2012

Daniel M. Clark, Founder of QAQN, will be the Emcee at Affiliate Summit East 2012, which is taking place August 12-14, 2012 at the Hilton New York.

Daniel M. Clark speaks at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Daniel M. Clark is a podcast production consultant and the founder of QAQN, a collection of informative and entertaining podcasts.

A resident of the internet since 1992, he either is or has been: a t-shirt designer, an art reviewer, a system administrator, a video game designer and programmer, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a podcaster, a space cowboy, and a gangster of love. He has, in fact, gotten his lovin’ on the run.

Mostly what Daniel is right now is a work-at-home dad, raising two kids, ages 6 and 3 with his wife, Angela. Daniel has written articles for FeedFront magazine and Blogworld.com. He publishes a variety of podcasts at QAQN.com, including Inside Internet Marketing, his most frequently downloaded show.

Daniel’s first Affiliate Summit was Affiliate Summit East 2006 and he has been a speaker at four Affiliate Summits since 2008.

More details soon on Affiliate Summit East 2012 at http://affiliatesummit.com.