Ben Metcalfe

Ben can track his involvement with the WordPress community way back before it was even WordPress (B2, in fact, which was the name of the former project that was forked and became WordPress). Ben helped build the BBC News Website. He also rolled out the BBC’s blogging platform (sadly not WordPress) and its developer platform. Since moving State-side in 2006, Ben has worked as a technologist, strategist and entrepreneur – launching the MySpace Platform, founding various startups in the tech/media landscape and advising numerous startups in his portfolio – including Apture (acquired by Google) and NutShellMail (acquired by Constant Contact). After being asked to rearchitect the WordPress install for a highly successful, high-trafficked blog, Ben realized that there was a gap in the market for premium managed WordPress hosting – and the rest is history. He has blogged since 2004 on all manner of technology topics at and tweets at