Ashley Coombe

Ashley CoombeWhen Ashley B Coombe was six, she attended an event where they passed around a microphone for questions. She stood up on her chair in front of hundreds and said confidently into the microphone “I don’t have a question, I just wanted you all to look at me!” True story. This attitude makes Ashley the perfect fit for our emcee this year! Ashley started in Internet Marketing in 2006 when she purchased an ecommerce site. After two months of zero sales, she set off to learn everything she could about online marketing. She was soon hooked. She is now a frequent speaker, writer and educator about social media, affiliate marketing, and blogging. She recently published her first book, “30 Tools, Tips & Tricks to Save You Time on Social Media and Blogging.” Ashley works for two companies, Prosperent, an Affiliate Tools Provider, and Shareist, a content marketing platform. She spends her time telling the world how life-changing these tools are for easily building, growing and monetizing websites.