Affiliate Summit East 2011 Has a New Look


Affiliate marketers are known for their savvy in many areas of internet marketing – whether it be SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, display advertising, blogging and more.

But we’re more than just marketers — we are country singers, writers, artists, gourmet cooks, volunteer firemen, philanthropists, politicians, doctors, lawyers and so on.

It’s with that in mind that we decided to give the opportunity to one of our attendees to showcase their non-marketing-related-talent at the upcoming Affiliate Summit East 2011.

The result is Affiliate Summit East 2011’s new look for all of the printed graphics you will see around the show, created by Jason Rubacky, Affiliate Development Manager at Jason is well known for his artistry with a spray can and we’re excited to feature the design he created just for us.

Affiliate Summit East 2011 Exhibit Hall

Affiliate Summit East 2011 Registration

The original canvas will be put up for auction during the Affiliate Summit East 2011 Meet Market at the table. The proceeds of the sale will go directly to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

Great job, Jason.

6 Responses to “Affiliate Summit East 2011 Has a New Look”

  1. gravatar erik hom

    Okay, but hopefully that is just a mock up…cuz Jason spelled Affiliate with 2 Ls in that overhead bridge! Oops!

  2. gravatar missy

    Yeah, that’s not Jason’s fault — that’s the folks that build out those installations. It’ll be fixed before you get there 🙂

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