Affiliate Summit East 2010 Commercial

Affiliate Summit is running a commercial for Affiliate Summit East 2010, taking place August 15-17 in NYC, overnight on a variety of news, finance, and sports shows in the second half of April 2010.

The commercial touches on the uncertainties in the economy, and how folks can control their destiny by working in affiliate marketing and becoming their own boss.

Video: Affiliate Summit East 2010 Commercial

6 Responses to “Affiliate Summit East 2010 Commercial”

  1. gravatar Shawn Collins

    Thanks Mike – that commercial is definitely full of inspiration for our next try.

    I was just looking at the detailed reports, and we ran on SportsCenter at 5:15 AM yesterday – maybe got in front of some of the guys that didn’t get drafted and now need to make some cash money.

  2. gravatar Dina Sil

    Yep! Times are tough! And this is why you have to pay the organizers $250.00 for the pass, just to see the exhibitors, who by the way paid their duty too. You are cutting off Small Businesses because they are not able to pay your stiff fees? A person named MISSY was trying to explain to me, that the company is giving a LOT of money to charity… You are considering $5000,00 a LOT? You went from Free passes 2 years ago to $250.00. We hear every day about GREED. Missy and Shawn you are a typical example of GREED!

  3. gravatar Missy Ward


    As I told you yesterday on our call in which you expressed your disappointment that you would have to pay to attend, there are a couple of things I’ll reiterate for you here:

    1) There was a scholarship opportunity in which Affiliate Summit footed the bill for platinum passes for up to 50 affiliates:

    2) We provide free gold pass opportunities to many folks to give away to their constituents (simply google Affiliate Summit Gold Pass)

    3) Affiliate Summit provides gold passes each day here:

    4) Yes, we just donated another $5,000 on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we’ve helped raise for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Avon Foundation, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation, and Operation Homefront. (See and

    I agree that times are tough, but I’m sorry that your disappointed that I simply will not just “give you a pass” simply because you don’t feel like investing the time trying to earn it or win it. You can still feel free to participate in any of the contests that are going on. If you do decide to attend, please feel free to look me up at the show.

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