Adult Related Company Definitions

Affiliate Summit, Inc. does not permit Adult companies to exhibit or sponsor at any Affiliate Summit Event. By way of example and not in limitation of the generality of the foregoing, the following definitions of Adult apply. However, Affiliate Summit reserves the right to prohibit any company from exhibiting or sponsoring an Affiliate Summit Event that it feels may be offensive to any of its attendees.

Companies offering the following products or services will be considered to fall under the “Adult” category:

  • Sites that offer adult entertainment such as pornographic or sexually explicit images; have sexually explicit personal advertisements or message boards; contain sexual stories or other related content; or sites whose meta tags contain sexually explicit text, or which imply that the site contains Adult content (such as “naked pictures” or “horny girls”).
  • Sites that offer advice or services for finding an affair (extramarital, discreet or otherwise), casual sexual encounters, escort services (paid or free), dating auctions, international marriage finders or “mail order bride”.
  • Sites which sell sex toys as a primary focus, or along with other merchandise intended for sale to adults only.
  • Sites which primarily serve to drive traffic to sites with Adult content, such as links lists or non-sexually explicit “teasers” for Adult sites or any sites which contain a mixture of adult content (as defined above) and non-adult content.